In a world with thousands of different styles of packaging, cubbi offers the opportunity to clarify the product's contents for a visually impaired individual simply by scanning the item's barcode.

Upon opening the app, users are greeted by the main page (fig 1), featuring a large "peek" button. When pressing the button, users are brought to the camera page (fig 2), where users can scan an item's barcode.


                         fig. 1                           fig. 2                         fig. 3

Once the item's barcode is scanned, the item page (fig 3) is opened and the product name is displayed. If the user would like to save this item, they can add in an expiration date, description or notes on the item. Then on the next scan of the item, the information will be displayed.

In order to ensure the easiest use for a visually impaired individual, the entire app is compatible with VoiceOver and other accessibility settings.

The idea behind cubbi was created after a macular degeneration diagnosis left me thinking about creating an easier world for myself in the future. Learning how to adapt to lessening vision has been an interesting process to say the least, but the clarification cubbi can bring to individuals can hopefully aim to restore any lost confidence in an individual. With all the growing technologies in the world, it's important to make sure every member of a community can utilize these technologies to better suit them.

Created by Kathleen R McKiernan for Holberton School NHV

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